Free Use Summer Book 4: Sandra’s Submission


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When you’re offering yourself for free use to any desire that strikes something has to give.

At Mohawk, the girls are used. They’re used to walking with bowed legs, sore from constant use. They’re familiar with stretched jaws, and twisted muscles from strange positions. They take care of themselves. They learn they bond, they endure.

The girls need 40 interactions every week.

Sandra is a returning female staff member. Discover what it’s like from her point of view as she moves through a typical day after the events in “Tasting them All.”

She’ll move from an early morning service on her knees with Brock Flowers tasting his breakfast flavor, then move on to a sensual threesome with John Mark and her soccer co-worker Becca. John Mark likes his daily menage with the girls and indulges in his backdoor fantasies.

By noon Sandra is in a “shack” again with Nate whose actions speak more for him than his sparse words.

Explore the world of Mohawk Campground and the free use system designed to empower women and train them for future success. You’re going to love this 14,000-word romp though one of the sexy girl’s eyes.


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