Giving a bottom gift: Christmas Special 2017


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Join the Hill family this Christmas as they embark on their own adventures just before Santa comes down the chimney.

Alison, still raw from her abuse at school visits with Brooke at a house party where she finds solace in the arms of a high school friend. Will Alison recover from her wounds or enjoy the smooth touch of her soft soccer player friend?

Billy goes to his own Christmas Eve party where he finds his own soccer player whose bottom gift is a surprise he can’t pass up. After a brief dip in the pool, Billy and her warm up the best way possible: vigorously working out their chill.

Parents Jessica and Will spend the evening in where they gaze up at their huge tree from underneath it, basking in the glow of their excessive lights. The Hill family goes nuts with their decorations, and inspired by their charm they turn their attention to each other.


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