Grab her like a Trump


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When local conservative Republican militia man Carl overhears a plot to assault the election spots he has sworn to protect he takes action. Becca is a young liberal hippy whose idealism is a big as her natural chest. She is determined to make a stand and prove a point to these intimidating gun wielding thugs that think they can corrupt the democratic process.

During the election season then candidate Trump was caught on radio saying he “grabbed women by the pussy.” See what happens when Carl meets Becca and takes a page from “his boy Trump’s” playbook.

This is a naughty tale told about the 2016 election night and what happens when Liberal and Republican collide. Stay at home and vote yourself if you don’t want to feel the heat and explicit details.

Becca has big, swollen tits that are begging to be squished and titty fucked. Carl immediately sees her bouncing bosom and craves her massive mammaries smashed against his face. Watch him shove her against his truck door, grab her by the pussy, and make her scream his name in pleasure while he rams her full of his hard cock.



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