Inside Lust: Hill’s Secrets Halloween Book 3


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Bundle Book for Hill’s Secrets Halloween 2018 including:

– Alison is Inside Lust
– Billy is Inside Lust
– Jessica and Will are Inside Lust

The Hill family loves Halloween. Join their annual excitement with too many pumpkins, too short skirts, and super low cleavage tops.

Alison and Brooke dress up as superheroes this year and decide to go to a more mundane party instead of the mansion they visited for the last two years.  Alison gets separated from Brooke, and after a brief casual romp with a former cheer teammate, she exposes her own superpower in her own MMMF romp.

Billy tags along with his sister and Brooke before he runs into his own spooky witch girl costume. The tall brunette with a generous chest calls out the costume he chose revealing a secret insight that he opens up to. When Billy tells Gwen the truth about his last Halloween seance gone wrong she offers himself to his free use to power the spells she needs to cleanse the graveyard.

Jessica and Will surround themselves with pumpkins, a hundred carved jack-o-lanterns that glow with candlelight as they give out treats. After handing out candy the couple gets down and tricky with their own sensual evening under the watchful glow of the hollowed out pumpkins. Laugh when Jessica is imbued with power and gets back at William for his aggressive entry.


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