Jessica and Will are Inside Lust


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Hill’s Secrets Halloween 2018 3 of 3


Jessica loves Halloween almost as much as her daughter Alison. This year while Alison and Billy go out to a party, parents Jessica and Will stay at home with their 100+ pumpkin jack-o-lanterns and hand out candy for the trick or treaters.

But Jessica can wear a revealing low cut cleavage dress like she is a buxom Lady from the Renaissance for so long before Will has a bulging need.

Join this loving married couple as they bite into each other for some aggressive backdoor action with a dress bundled around a waist and little else showing.

But the pumpkins are always watching, and when Jessica is most upset, she invokes their power and turns the tables on Will’s impaling.

Have fun with this quick erotic romp through 6,000 words.


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