Lust Hill’s Secrets Halloween Vol. 1 2016


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Will the young naive cheerleader make it out of the vampiric mansion alive? Will the college nerd nice guy survive his spectral encounter? Will the adventurous married couple resist possession? Or will they all succumb to their physical pleasure?

The Hill family loves Halloween, and each of the four members have a passionate wild night. Explore their spooky celebration in three short stories detailing their steamy paranormal experiences on the day the spirit world is closest to our own.

Young cheerleaders Alison and her friend Brooke attend an out of this world party on campus where Alison is drained by three brothers whose secret fuels their lavish festivities. They don’t realize that the mansion is owned by three vampiric brothers intent on reaping the treats of their feast.  Alison stumbles into their clutches, and only by offering her body in supplicance can she hope to free herself.

Billy goes for a midnight run and ends up cavorting with more than he expected. Will his new outdoor partner spare him her feeling, or will she seek revenge? Billy is captivated by her milky ethereal breasts, large and jiggling under the thin shirt fabric.

Parents, Will and Jessica, attend a stimulating house party with two unwelcome lingerers. Captured, they play out the wildest rage fantasies to punish and pleasure each other. Enjoy when the spirits are are still in love, and play out their macbe fantasies through the married couple’s bodies.


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