Free Use Summer Book 1: Meeting Quotas


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Free Use Summer Book 1

Mohawk Campground summer camp gives the women staff total authority but with one crucial condition: any male employee can request their free use. They sign their universal consent and willingness to do anything the men want.

Brock Flowers didn’t read the large employee manual before going away for the summer to the exclusive Mohawk Campgrounds.

When he shows up he learns that there are 25 female consolers and only 5 men. They have to wear the same white cotton t-shirts and shorts that barely stretch low enough for decency.

When he visits the beach the uniforms become even more sensual.

What kind of camp has he stumbled into and why were there so many physical examinations to be a consoler? Why had Brock had to get his picture taken while only wearing boxers that hugged his legs?

Find out what secrets lie in this camp if he only read the manual before showing up.

Brock is about to enjoy the fruits of this free use camp designed to embolden both male and female employees so that they can better control their future.

You’re going to love this 35,000-word romp through multiple people as Brock struggles to satisfy his weekly quota in two short days. Find out if he has the stamina to find pleasure and success, or if he’ll get kicked out before summer even begins!



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