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What could go wrong with a “True Love Summoning?” Seriously, those warning signs and disclaimers on the spellbook are like, totally just a distraction and should be ignored.

Halloween is the spookiest time of the year, and the best time to do stupid, brash, and reckless spells because you know they’re going to work; hopefully.

20-year-old Madeline is a witch imbued with magic, but her bookish cuteness hasn’t won her any success in love.

With two popular older sisters who flourish in sororities, Madeline is the black sheep of the family who reads books, studies magic and prefers to stay in her room with a pair of knee-high socks, a clutch of potion ingredients and a flurry of forum activity.

But this Halloween she’s cast a “True Love Summoning” and is about to embark on a wild journey to find love, resolve the ramifications of her careless summoning and finally have a Halloween that doesn’t end in disaster.

Join Madeline in this exciting magical romance on Halloween where a young witch summons a strange boy from another world.

You’re going to love this 27,000 quick romance with a HEA.


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