My Neighbor Obsession



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Leta has been saving herself for someone mature, someone experienced, someone who would be gentle and rough in all the right ways with her body. She’s been rebuffing her college boyfriend for years, but he’s getting ever more pushy; even begging for her.

She just can’t get the scene out of her head when years ago she saw her older mature neighbor in his office room late one night watching his computer. Now in her senior year of college she is determined to win him over, and she entices her mature older neighbor with her young supple body.

Leta lives at home and the only window that can see over her family’s high fence is her sexy mature neighbor’s window; but it has been closed since that night all those years ago she saw him playing alone.

Find out what lengths she will go to show off for him in kind, and how eventually her obsession will lead to completion. Does he even know she’s baring it all for him?


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