New Hire Backdoor


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Morris is in his mid-twenties working in a call center. The best part of his job is training new hires. When the boss calls him in to meet the newest hire, he can’t help but drool over her petite Romanian physique.

Maria has the deepest green eyes, the sexiest brown hair that frames her smooth face, and the tightest petite body. Her business casual attire accentuates her tight rear end and frim little torso.

He can’t wait to spend time with her alone in the training room.

Morris discovers that Maria recently broke up with her lazy no initiative boyfriend.

He decides to take action, to make a move, and respond to her suggestive signs.

Find out what happens when two college grads are left alone learning boring call center skills.

You’ll enjoy this 10,000-word backdoor romp in the office where Morris and Maria toss work aside and bang┬átheir unhinged passions against the corporate┬ádesk. You’re going to love this book with one furious hand!


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