Office Punishment Book 2: Entitled Coed Intern


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When a buxom university student misses a crucial deadline find out what lengths she go to satisfy her boss and not get fired from her exclusive office internship.

“How did a college girl that looks like that get into this program? She’s too sexy to have a brain and the hard work necessary to succeed. She might be the hottest person I’ve ever mentored, but that doesn’t mean she deserves this job.” – Caesar Hopkins.

The summer interns at Caesar’s marketing firm have always been jocks, mousy bookworms or vapid idiots.

That was before Jamie Holloway started.

HR should have repremanded the blonde bimbo immediatelyfor keeping the top three buttons of her white dress shirts undone.

Her natural perky bouncing distracted everyone; totally inappropriate and way too revealing for a professional office.

“I put the hard work into studying marketing so I could really leverage my Instagram account and make millions as an influencer. It took more than a round backside and firm muscles with natural curves to get followers. It took smarts, dedication, and knowledge.

I put everything into my studies, and the internship under Caesar Hopkins would give me everything I needed to finally make real money.

No one told me he was so freaking hot. I couldn’t stop thinking about his rough stubble, the way his masculine alpha muscles flexed under his dress shirts or how adorable his butt looked in his slacks.

If he only knew how badly I wanted him.

Too bad he thinks I’m an entitled brat sorority girl too concerned with myself to notice what I can offer.” – Jamie Holloway.

Find out what happens in this thrilling office romance where a mature office professional has to put an entitled college girl in her place by punishing her reckless behavior and destructive mistakes.

You’re going to love this 18,000-word backdoor romance where an alpha mature older man punishes a younger vixen blonde for making too many careless mistakes.


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