Outside Lust Hill’s Secrets Halloween Vol. 2 2017


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Halloween comes again in three spooktacular short stories centered around the sensual Hill family.

College freshman cheerleader Alison returns to the vampiric mansion with best friend Brooke, but this time instead of sucking undead they encounter the feral protectors of the ancient property whose changes startle and excite the girls. Can they handle their raw animal power just before the full moon?

Alison fucks after fighting with some rival vampires, still reeling after the memory of getting anal plundered last year by three vampiric brothers. Now she’s hanging with the pack that protects the mansion and finds safety in one of the hunkiest shifters. Watch as she rides the animal and bucks to satisfaction milking him for all he is.

Older brother, and college sophomore fitness enthusiast Billy quits his online game to party in the graveyard with volleyball player Ava. She isn’t wearing her black volleyball shorts, but she is sporting daisy-dukes trimmed almost like a bikini. When a seance goes ancestral will she squat low to serve up some fun from the rear court, or will they dance on the tombstones and wade through undead to satisfy their athletic interests?

Ava’s ass is spectacular, plump, firm, and round. Billy has been dreaming about fucking her butt all night, and while she shakes and offers it up for him, they’re soon distracted balls deep by the scratching of the dead inside their tombs. But blissful and absorbed with the sweet rear end she’s offering, they ignore it and plow into each other. Billy loves stuffing his thumb in her butt, and they satisfy each other under the stars.

Parents Will and Jessica dress up as survivors from the walking dead. They head out with friends to trick-or-treat, but Jessica has other thoughts. Soon they’re scoping out semi-private places in the open to devour their Halloween sweets. Jessica’s revealing costume has Will primed for some frightening activities, and together they’re prowling for a dark outside nook to tear into each other.

Jessica has been feeling frisky lately, and inches away from families walking past she spreads her ass open for her husband to stuff full as their own personal “treat” on Halloween.


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