Passion’s Awakening


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At six months old, you get your first implant, your hook into the digital world. At 6, a robot plucks your eyes from your skull and replaces them with ocular sensors that read more than the human standard spectrum. At 12, they scrape your ribcage clean of organs and muscle, replacing them with a bioreactor and layers of carbon fiber and plasteel hardware.

Phoenix in 2751 AD bakes under a furious sun, and humans live as cyborgs; hybrids replacing almost every organ, limb, and process to synthetic alternatives.

Pedro is just over 300-years-old and doesn’t remember the last time he saw a true, natural human.

Until he meets Anita Wolfe at a local food cafe. They share a real bowl of ramen noodles and captivated by Anita’s burning warmth, constant motion, and exotic humanity Pedro drops everything to spend time with this most extreme rarity: a true natural human.

She doesn’t even have an implant.

Discover the love, the lust, and passion that she awakes in his cold synthetic soul.

Anita will burn away Pedro’s reality with her steamy natural flesh and her joyful physical love.

Hold on to your mind as you read this delightful 11,000-word science fiction romance that will take you on a serial ride through a future that has embraced robotics.


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