Prototype for Pleasure


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AI: Artificial Intimacy Book 1

The ad on her phablet said, “You’ve been exclusively selected based on your age, gender, dimensions, and enthusiasm to join The Company’s exclusive product testing!”

Devon didn’t know what to expect, but knew she needed the tokens. Her funds were low, she was out of work, and she’d do anything to scrape by, even submit to an invasive interview and give up full rights to record her actions.

All she had to do was spend a few intimate minutes with a robot.

Join blond buxom out of work coder Devon as she discovers if android love is for her, or if it is just a way to earn some tokens so she can afford real cooked food. Explore this interesting near future, a la Black Mirror, where Artificial Intelligence is used for more than predicting the weather, but predicting climax and pleasure.

This short is 8,000 words and a stunning exploration when woman meets android.


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