Renewing the Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal


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Sugar Daddy Deals Book 3

When Christina leaves Josh Jennings, her 43-year-old wealthy Sugar Daddy neighbor, for college it sends him into a distracted frenzy. Without their daily intimacy, Josh is unable to focus, work on his investments, or find joy in the flowers that initiated their deal.

Unable to restrain his desire Josh visits college freshman Christina Yates for a weekend of gifts, pampering, and steamy intimacy. This Sugar Daddy craves the backdoor entrance that he’s been missing while his Sugar Baby has been away at school, and he’s willing to do anything it takes to satisfy his needs.

When jealousy, fear, and degradation threaten to ruin their relationship Christina will offer up an honest truth that will redefine the terms of their “deal.” Find out what happens when an older man has to deal with a stunning blond freshman that just joined a sorority.

Take one hand and enjoy this 20,000-word steamy continuation of the Sugar Daddy Deals series!



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