Schoolgirl Backdoor Study


Brandy has to wear a short schoolgirl uniform to her college. Maurice is a librarian obsessed with her innocent look. Find out what happens when she gets CAUGHT!

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College coed Brandy has to wear a uniform to her private school; green and black plaid skirt, button down white long-sleeve shirt. She chooses to wear pigtails every day, emphasizing her bouncing enthusiasm.

Maurice works at the library where Brandy comes to study after class. He’s been pining after the short skirt that hints at skin just above her leg, her knee-high socks, and her no-nonsense attitude.

Brandy is direct, passionate, and innocent. She seems like the typical studious girl without lots of relationship experience.

Maurice is obsessed with how she moves with perfect posture clutching her books to her ample chest, and how her skirt bounces like a sexy promise to her intent step.

When she takes his offer to use the private soundproof recording studio in the library basement Maurice has to stop in and see if she needs some private help.

Find out what he discovers when he walks in on Brandy alone in the sound studio.

She gets caught!

Enjoy this 9,000-word steamy story about the older library man and the young college coed with one hand! You’ll be sure to enjoy their backdoor experiences!


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