Sorority Rush Backdoor


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Chase is a college senior hanging out on the quad during Sorority Rush week; the week where all the new college girls criss-cross campus to audition at each of the university’s sororities.

The girls wear their best outfits, reveal their greatest assets, and strut around showing more skin and flesh than they are used to.

Chase and his friends swoop in and talk to these beautiful women picking out the sexiest and most willing.

Emma stands out, she is a sexy unicorn. When Chase sees her flowing brown hair like shimmering gloss, large bouncing bosom, and legs so long and firm that she seems like a supermodel he can’t hold back.  He offers his help, and Emma shyly accepts.

Discover the exciting secrets Emma holds beneath her stunning beauty in this delightful 12,000-word story about a new coed hooking up with a college senior.


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