Surrendering Coed Book 6: Using the Neighbor Yoga Teacher’s Backdoor

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“She lived around the corner and after college taught at the yoga studio I went to. I never knew she graduated college looking so incredible.

Then she ran past my house in the smallest sports bra and the skimpiest spandex shorts I’d ever seen.

For too long I’d denied my desire, denied my passionate dominance. I craved to use her, to take her, and when she offered to help me flow through some challenging poses I knew from the way she smiled and arched her back how badly she wanted me too.

Stella surrendered to me and I couldn’t hold back any further. I took what she offered and I’m afraid I’ll never be able to let her go.”

Dive into this forbidden love story between a young yoga teacher fresh out of college and an alpha older man struggling to improve his yoga skills.

Twist and bend through all sorts of sorid flows as they struggle to find balance and breathe with passionate joy.

You’re going to love this 31,000-word romance where an older alpha takes a younger prize

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