Surrendering Coed Book 7: Using the Neighbor Pool Vixen’s Backdoor

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“Like, why couldn’t my boyfriend leave his stupid summer intership and come stay with me in Arizona?

Why did he have to leave me all alone with this crushing urge bundling in my stomach and tugging my bikini triangles aside?

He left me all alone with only the creeping mature neighbor man peeking over the fence.

I bet he was, like, totally watching me put suntan lotion on my college skin, watching me lay on my belly so the BootX thong kept the tanlines to a minimum.

And then he came over. He came into the backyard and I could see in his eyes that he might be able to help me quench this desire burning in my thighs.” – Danielle

Explore what happens when a bored college university student is left alone by her boyfriend all summer long. Find out what depths she’s will to go in order to feed the need that compells her most steamy instincts.

You’re going to love this 15,000-word romance between an older mature alpha and a submissive coed brat.

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