Taming the Neighbor Brat: A Creep Older Man Romance


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Scott lives alone with a beautiful backyard full of flowers and trees which in spring produce a lovely display. He’s been refining his automatic watering system for years until the city takes down the large privacy fence that has separated his house from his backyard neighbors.

Scott works along and his office windows face his well manicured backyard flower garden. It also happens to look out at the deteriorating lawn of his neighbors. He never knew Aubriana existed until now, and he’s getting an eyeful of her redhead antics out back. She is his neighbor brat trampling over his garden to smell his flowers.

When she threatens to crush his hard work, he puts up some security cameras to catch her every move.

Scott is a coder, a programmer for a big time company, and has been working for decades to make his home perfect; Aubriana might just threaten to crash everything down and destroy him. He offers a peace token with a drone she can’t afford and lets her fly it. When sabotage crashes the aircraft Aubriana is devastated and offers to do anything to make up for her mistakes.

This is a romance of 28,000 words that ends in a HEA for this heterosexual couple. Will Aubriana find solace and guidance in Scotts mature brain, and will Scott see Aubriana for her brilliant mind, or her bratty exterior?

Find out and enjoy this backdoor romance.


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