The Neighbor’s Backdoor Bargain; A Brat Submits to Older Man Romance



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Janelle is a spoiled rich brat that lives next door to Cody Seppel, an environmental lawyer; they’ve had a contentious past, and it all comes to a head when she throws a party.

Before she moves to Tuscon for her modeling career she throws a party and must face the consequences of her actions and how the affect the neighborhood.

Cody has a bargain for Janelle, and if she can work her way through his terms she might just save herself and him from collapsing into ruin.

Join Janelle as she struggles to adhere to the strict rules of their bargain, and see whether she’ll risk it all and break free or if she’ll make it through the summer.

Find out in this HEA romance that consents to a bargain in both their favors.

Enjoy this exciting 35,000 word novella.

The story is centered around heterosexual couples, m/f. This romance has a HEA.


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