The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal: A Younger Girl Submits to an Older Man (Sugar Daddy Deals Book #2)



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Sugar Daddy Deals Book 2

Josh Jennings is a 43 year old investor who is so successful that life had fallen into a boring routine. For the most part he is happy tending to his flower garden in the backyard and hitting the gym.  With such awesome financial success, he spends hours tending to his prize winning blossoms. Josh is a man of discipline, of routine, of cold logic and exacting record keeping. It is how he amassed such a large fortune.

Christina Yates is 18, and just graduated. She’s going to college next year, and the Yates family gets a new pool installed in their backyard with a large wooden fence. When a ball flies over into Josh’s garden, she scurries over to get it and sees Josh sweating in the sun. At first she blushes, wearing only a small bikini to cover her tall thin body. She pushes her blond hair behind her ear, and bends over slow, eyeing Josh’s well muscled arms tending to his beautiful flowers.

He notices her tight lithe curves, her swelling chest, and legs so tan and long they seem to blend with the dark mountain rocks.

Josh has always been attracted to tall skinny blonds with deep tanned skin. Christina has such stunning delicate facial features he almost misses her bright blue-green eyes.

When Christina starts going to graduation parties she begins coming home late on weekend nights.  With strict parents that are strapped for cash and struggling to afford to send her to college, she chooses to puke in her neighbor’s garden. Better that than get caught drunk and hugging the toilet.

What happens when Josh catches her in the act, and she’s ruined thousands of dollars of prize winning flowers?

Discover the deal they consent to, and how Mr. Jennings uses his cool calculations to pluck every bit of desire out of his willing sexy neighbor.

Enjoy this very steamy 63,000 word novel that explores what happens when an older man with money makes a deal with a younger woman struggling to afford college.



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