Winter’s Backdoor Gift (Natural Dominance Book 1)


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A Young Shamanka Communes with Gaia

Every year the women in Alyona’s family brave nudity and frostbite in the middle of the forest to commune with their Shaman patron, Gaia to renew their magical powers.

In the heart of night on the Winter Solstice, the Cold Night, they work themselves to climax and flood themselves with Gaia’s pleasing joy.

This year Alyona is in for a surprise when she discovers she isn’t alone. The stone, the rock, that countless women have satisfied themselves with comes alive.

Discover the forbidden backdoor pleasure the spirit of Earth inserts into our willing Heroine in this rousing 4,000 winter solstice erotic short.

This series, Natural Dominance, shares the same universe as the Witch’s Awakening series featuring Gwendolyn Fields. See other memorable characters such as the Hill family and the Halloween specials.


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