Winter’s Backdoor Struggle


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Join Alyona, the evil Cinderella as she wades through Phoenix collecting an army of thralls so she can overthrow her indulgent lazy aunt, the Totem.

After being imbued with Gaia’s overwhelming might over a month ago on the Cold Embrace, Alyona has been plotting and planning on how best to approach her cruel and capricious family.

They’ve humiliated Alyona her whole life because she was the weakest, the runt, forcing her to get on her knees and accept what they demanded.

But now Alyona is the most powerful, now she holds command and she’s going to find out just how hungry Gaia is for passion, lust, desire, and all manner of depraved carnal indulgence.

Join Alyona as she amasses an army and learns to master her power and Gaia’s unending erotic needs.

Hold on tight for this 37,000 word paranormal romance about a Shamanka’s rise to power.


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