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Publishing a new Backdoor Deal book

I finished up the first act of the three-act romance structured book “Renewing the Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal.” It will be the third book in the “Sugar Daddy Deals” series. Josh Jennings and Christina Yates are fucking like mad gods hell-bent on cumming all over each other.

The story is solid. You’ll remember a few days ago I wrote about how I was bored with their story. I wasn’t enjoying the direction that I was taking and instead of them fighting I went the route of a small fight leading to professions of love.

Now their deal is renewed, but with a twist. Josh finds himself in love with Christina and equally returned with affection from his 19-year-old coed slut. Christina has been livid that he treats her like a toy, like a bought thing, and she calls him out on it. They battle, they fight and reconcile the best way possible for this story: in her ass.

I like how Christina has turned into a total anal slut. She craves it up the butt. She loves the sex, the dominance, the free use style that Josh inflicts on her willing holes, but she resents his cold and calculated rude attitude after. And can you blame her? No girl wants to be used and tossed aside like a piece of toilet paper.

Josh was being cold and distant because he mistakenly believes she wanted it and didn’t want him treating her like a girlfriend, when in fact that is exactly what she wanted.

Ahh, relationships. Miscommunications and silence never leads to happiness.

I’m publishing the book now because it is over 20,000 words. I think it is complete. There is more, but I feel with 5 sex scenes and in erotica, it will stand well on its own. My hope is that readers will start moving through the series picking up each book. Eventually, I’ll put up a bundle.

So check out the new entry in the Sugar Daddy Deals series. This “third” book will be split in three. Next up for book 4 is how Josh asks Christina for a threesome! Exciting!


Don’t worry, Josh is still furnishing the Sugar Daddy lifestyle to our sexy little heroine.

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