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Pulling out of Kindle Unlimited

Am I crazy? Am I doing the wrong thing? History tells me yes, I am, but I’m bullheaded, boorish, stupid, and foolish.

I want to make money outside of Amazon. I hate that they’re 80% of the market, hell, 90% of the market and that I should go into Kindle Unlimited and exclusive.

So I made my books easier to get.

You can download every single book for $49.99 and have them delivered to any device. Bookfunnel is fucking awesome.

I publish through Draft2Digital, which I love to support because they’re amazing for authors and readers, upload the files to Bookfunnel, and when you download the book from my website, you get them delivered to any app that reads ebooks.

Want my books on your Kindle? Done.

Want my books on your nook? Done.

Want them on your Kobo reader? Done.

Book Funnel takes care of it all. Easy, simple, and available.

But wait! Why am I leaving Kindle Unlimted?

I don’t know! I’ve had my best three months ever from being in KU. I finally broke $200 with about half of my money and earnings coming from KU. I think I can make more with the Jiggle with Jocelyn – Everything product that you can get on my website.

One cost, every book that I’ve ever written, and ever book that I’ll write in the future.

I’ve done this before. If I do decide to go back into KU, then you get every new book before it publishes lives on Kindle. Get it now.

Do you want to buy your smut risk free? Bitcoin, Litecoin. No credit card, no names, just an email address and a crypto transaction. I’m using Coinbase Merchant services to sell my books and bundles.

It is SUPER easy to use. Put some cash in Litecoin (my favorite) with Coinbase, and buy the bundle. You’re all set and there is no record of your transaction. It is amazing.

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