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Read some Merry Christmas Erotica

Have a wonderful happy delightful Christmas with family, friends, and your favorite under the blanket book of love, lust, and satisfaction. 

I’ll be spending time with my family with my friends and drinking egg-nog made with Almonds and vodka. My parents always drink whiskey at the holidays and I got them a bottle of Tin Cup. Have you had it?

Our Christmas trees are all lit, decorated, and ready to go. I’m excited to get to share my time under them with my guy. 

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When you get a silent moment when everyone is gone when the food is over, the dishes cleaned, and the tables washed, sit down in the corner chair. Sit down in the chair your dad sat in watching TV in the family room and take out your phone, download my latest book, “Winter’s Backdoor Gift” and enjoy a private moment smiling in satisfaction. Maybe rub your thighs together thinking about the glorious man chest golem that plows into Alyona’s buxom body. Shift your weight and dip a hand inside your pants. It’s okay. Your parents are in bed, your boyfriend is gone.  Smell the familiarity of your family home, feel the press of leather and comfort pressing against your back with your dog at your feet snuggling silent. 

I remember in college that sleepy Christmas Eve where my family went to bed early and my boyfriend drove down after his family dinner. We sat on the couch in the basement until we heard the clomping steps of my father move from lazy boy to stairs, then the muffled shut door through two floors. 

I sprang off the couch, hitting the floor with both knees so fast I got carpet burns the next day. My hands were a blur on your jeans and I had his cock out faster than I’d ever done before. My red Santa’s Elf lipstick lips spread over his shining tip and his moan was loud enough I looked around, dick stuffing my face, waiting for a sound. When none came I dropped low to take him as deep as comfortable. I sucked his dick for short minutes before he pulled me off the floor to standing, dropped my pants and groped my tits as I straddled him. 

He fucked me hard, bouncing me over his shaft while professing his love and switching his glances at my face for kisses, my tits for nipple sucking, and the Christmas lights over my shoulder strung along the ceiling. 

When he pushed me off to cum I dropped my face over his shaft swallowing his Christmas cum and laughed after when I swallowed it down. 

“Fuck, that is the best Christmas present ever,” I remember him saying. 

What are you going to do tonight?

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