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Recovering additcted

You may have been following my career on You may not have. I have a bunch of books available to you right now online and if you’re a Kindle Unlimited Subscriber (and if you enjoy good smut you need to be). then you can get every single book I have out for free.

Hill’s Secrets series: check.

Hill’s Secrets Holiday Specials: check.

Grab Her like a Trump one off: check.

I want you to read the filth that pours from my mouth and stimulates your feathered mind, that romps your brain to action, and hopefully incites you to take your own action at home with whoever you choose to spend it with.

I’ve been writing daily for about three months now, and that means better stories, longer stories, and more action for you. I’ve been working on two things:

  1. Hill’s Secrets Vol. 02: Billy’s Story “Abusing the Game” This is a standalone book that focuses on Billy Hill, or William Hill Jr as he moves from a High school senior into his freshman year of college. This story picks up one year before Alison’s story in “Take Her.” Join Billy as he moves from clumsy begging pudgy teenager to runner / gamer that manipulates the dating game to get freaky in and out of class.
  2. Taking it up the butt. This is a book of short stories centered around a Recreation Center where the staff cums together to explore anal play and rear end stimulation. Even the participants join in, and they explore new and veteran backdoor moments. If you like your sex filling the forbidden hole; check this book out.

Poem of the day:

Like wetness, dripping down stairs; rain too much for runnoff, my hand soaks from excitement flashing fire over my clit. If only your hand, you shaft was as expert as my own.


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