Erotic Short Stories

Riding the Hood

Caroline was standing on one leg with her other one propped up on the front bumper of her dad’s SUV. She licked her lips, missing the beer she’d drank earlier that night and thought about how nice it would be now to wash down Eli’s cum. A little bit of it tickled her throat, and she struggled to swallow against the rawness of her throat after he face fucked her.

Eli pushed a couple fingers up her pussy, and licked hard against her clit. All thought of dry throat or sore tonsils faded to the pleasure ripping up her spine. Eli was on one knee propped forward in front of him as a platform so he could lap from underneath her spread legs. He was all enthusiasm and certainty; drunk enough to be aggressive against her clit like a fish too dumb to realize the clear wall doesn’t give. Tongue wasn’t as good alone as combined his fingers, and the fact that anyone could stumble to their car and spoil the experience. It would be worse if a cop drove by and shined his light on her face; she couldn’t figure out if she would keep Eli’s head between her legs or let him struggle up groggy to see what the flashing lights were from.

Caroline decided it didn’t matter, and that she wouldn’t worry about it. His tongue was more important right now than any policeman that might stroll by.

“Oh yeah, Eli, just like that.” She said.

She ran her fingers through his hair with the hand that wasn’t pressed into the dirty dust coated hood of her dad’s SUV. Caroline had let the romper go, and Eli used his fingers and chin to keep the fabric from slipping over her pussy.

“Push harder, there, there, there,” she said, “oh god damn, that feels good! More!”

Eli’s hair was coarse under her fingers, curly and a little crusty; likely from his hair product. She squeezed.

“Ommph!” he said, but never ceased his motions on her pussy.

“Keep going! Yes! Yes!”

Caroline threw her head back and shouted loud when her orgasm shivered up her clit, through her belly, and rode the her back up to her neck. She leaned the back of her head on the hood, oblivious of the dust and dirt mingling with her head while tossed backwards in her passionate throes. When she opened her eyes she saw the drivers side window and top of the steering wheel upside down.

“God damn! That was awesome. Fuck me, Eli. I want it!”

Eli slurped. It was almost enough for her to shut her legs and kick him to the curb. She could have, there was a curb a few feet behind him where the floor met the wall. No, it wouldn’t be right to give him the boot after his diligent tongue attention.

Eli had wiped his face with his arm, and stood up. His pants were still undone, and his dick flopped out over the zipper. Caroline wasn’t sure if it hurt him or not, they looked like they were sharp, and when she wore jeans without panties she sometimes caught herself on the teeth and yelped from their bite. Maybe he was too drunk or turned on to care.

“Come here,” she said beckoning with her hands. “Fuck me on the car hood.”

Her romper would be ruined from the filth, but maybe she could dry clean it enough to salvage.

“I don’t have a condom.” Eli said.

He’d had one the other night, and she’d turned him down. What the fuck was he thinking asking her out and not bringing one. Did he think she was a prude? She’d let him suck on her pussy till she came and took his cock in her mouth a few minutes after seeing him again after the Pokemon Go community lure. Why the fuck wouldn’t he have packed a condom the second time they hung out after a first time like that?!

“Ugh,” she said, and closed her legs, “why the fuck. Oh well.”

Caroline pushed herself off the car hood, annoyed more now that she’d sprawled backwards over the car hood and soiled her hair and romper for nothing. Fucking Eli, or not, she thought.  She pushed herself past Eli and his wiggling dick hanging over the edge of his unzipped pants.

“I’m going home; I need to brush my teeth.”

“You’re not driving are you? Can I get a ride?”

“Fuck no. I’m taking a Lyft.”

She turned around and put a hand on his chest; Eli stumbled backwards and fell into the hood of her dad’s car. Her dad wouldn’t mind she came home drunk and left his car in the parking garage. Better take a ride home and back in the morning than get a DUI.

“Woah, what the fuck,” Eli said sprawled on the hood.

“Relax,” she said, and leaned in over him and slowly toyed with his clothes with her fingers up his chest, then held his face in her hands for a long lingering kiss. “Wait for my ride with me and call me tomorrow.”

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