Erotic Short Stories

Co-ed Easter Hook-up Part 1

Ian shuffled back and forth on his feet; they felt cramped in the dress shoes he only wore on special occasions. He just couldn’t get comfortable standing on those plasticy fake leather coffins. It didn’t help that the priest was just babbling on about something he couldn’t follow. Why did they make people stand so long? Didn’t they know people were forced into uncomfortable clothes just to look good for church? Cut it short man! Ian scanned the crowd in front of him; it was packed with everyone there for Easter. He wondered if he knew anyone, and let his eyes pick out the young girls. Most had their hair down, long and brushed, probably blow dried; a few had pony tails but he didn’t recognize anyone from behind. Three hot chicks about his age were scattered nearby. There was hot brunette with the white jean skirt and purple tights, though Ian thought she was still in high school. There was the sexy tall girl with growing out highlights and curly almost black hair done up in a ponytail with the stretchy pink / peach leggings and tight ass wearing the black and white knit sweater. She was three rows in front of him, and he could just see her butt between the crowd. There was also the girl directly to his right tall and wearing something that looked like a waitress outfit. The more he checked out her large butt in the black pants hiked up to her stomach the more turned on he got. It bulged out behind her with this round bump. Ian thought at first that it was a dress shirt like a button down, but it was a long sleeve thing tight around her arms and waist, but flowing and dipping over her chest.

There were others in attendance today; the blonde to his left with golden curls, the old lady with the bare shoulders and the big boobs straining against her top but still remaining jiggly. Ian couldn’t figure out if old lady’s boobs appeared jiggly because they were saggy or because she wasn’t wearing a bra. The church was packed with hot women and he spent most of the time they were singing checking out the crowd for the hottest girls there. It was a routine he was very familiar with. He had been going to the church since he was in middle school and even then he had filled his time scoping out the pews for something attractive to look at. God, he loved the tight leggings girls wore now. He could literally see the curves of their butts and legs like they were naked.

The music ended and it was time to sit while the priest spoke. Ian sighed. Another half hour “message” on the way and he was totally bored with it. He got up from his seat and ignored his mom’s glare. He figured he could go to the bathroom now and maybe see something interesting along the way. The public area outside the church was filled with people standing around quietly. Most were watching the sermon through the windows and listening to the drone of the priest on the speakers. Some played with their kids to distract them and keep their noise down, others clumped together in conversation. Ian could have gone in the bathrooms just off the front area, but it was always a mess and kids were always getting in the way.

Instead, Ian decided to go down to the basement bathrooms; they weren’t as updated and nice, but no one was ever down there. On the way, Ian lingered his eyes on the girls all wearing red dresses and talking while their husbands laughed a few feet away. He suspected they were sisters. Their legs were way too nice for crappy guys like their spouses. He would have showed their legs the best way to open and give them the attention they deserved.

The basement was a long hallway and noticeably older and more run down than the upstairs portion of the church. He remembered the painted cement walls and the weird electric heating units being everywhere before the renovation. He also remembered touching a boob for the first time during sunday school in one of the rooms down the hall and around the corner.  With a frown, he remembered that he’d also had his first blowjob in one of the upstairs bathrooms after service  from Jessica H. She was such a slut. It had been sloppy, rushed, and he’d cum on her face almost immediately and she had screamed. Oh how she’d screamed. It wasn’t her first blowjob, but it had been his first and he had been unable to hold back.

The guy’s bathroom was still small yellow tiles, old porcelain urinals and sinks with rusting metal joints. A strange smell permeated the washroom, but it was more from the heaters than the drains. Like it was too hot in there. Ian dallied on his phone, then when he drew out being in the bathroom as long as he could, washed, and went back to the basement.

A girl walked past the door towards the stairs just as he exited. He was pretty sure it was Kayla, a girl he’d hooked up with a few times after high school, adn who must be back in town like him for the holiday. He took a few quick steps to catch up, and gave her a tap on the shoulder while calling her name.

“Ian? Oh, hi! Ian!”

She was almost as tall as he was, and her blonde dyed hair flew around her face in wavy fluff. Her smile was genuine, and she put her hand over his. Ian could smell her perfume and it reminded him the last time they’d fucked after going out to the bars.  He went in for a kiss immediately, mostly by instinct.

She didn’t protest, but sighed into his peck and turned it into a french, pushing her mouth open and her tongue towards his. Ian wrapped his arms around her waist, and down the flowing fabric over her ass. It pushed into her gap easily; it was much more lacy and flowing than the girls in red dresses upstairs. Those looked like the heavy kind that you didn’t sit on; Kayla’s dress was like a gossamer whisper or a sundress.

“Wow, sorry. Hi. I just had to kiss you; you look so beautiful in that outfit, and I’m so happy to see you here.” Ian said.

“Yeah. You’re looking pretty good all dressed up too.”

Ian pruned, and pushed his hands down over his belly, and thighs to smooth out his suit coat and pants. He still hated the dress shoes, but at least someone appreciated his look.

“Thanks. So, uhm, you’re back in town? For long?” Ian said.

They’d hooked up over the summer, but didn’t amount to much and they went to school in different regions; Ian in Colorado, and Kayla in California. She looked so tan in the white-ish pink dress.

“Yeah, for the weekend, then I’m going back tomorrow. I won’t miss anything Monday. You?”

“Same thing, most of the professors said Monday wasn’t mandatory, and most of my classes don’t even take attendance, so.”

“It is really good to see you.” Kayla said, she looked behind her up the stairs. “We should get together again when we’re both back in town.”

“I’d like that.”

“Ok. Well, happy Easter, I guess. Nice to see you again.”

Kayla turned to leave.

“Yeah, see you.” Ian said.

He was not excited about going back upstairs, and after the kiss he was all excited and distracted. Remembering his first blowjob hadn’t helped, and he wasn’t dating anyone at school. Ian snagged Kayla’s hand, and with a step forward, spun her towards him. She was startled, but didn’t resist, and he planted himself against her chest, shoved his leg between her’s and locked her in a kiss pushed against the painted cement wall.

Kayla pulled his head to hers and they made out in the church basement on Easter morning. Anyone could come down in a second. She lifted her leg p to his waist, and he pushed his torso into her crotch. Ian ran his hands down her knee to her waist reveling in the smoothness of her thighs. She wasn’t wearing leggings. Damn she was hot, and her legs were long, so long, and tan!

They attacked each other’s faces with their tongues like they were hungry teenagers starved for food. Kayla groped his arms and back, even slipping hands under his belt to squeeze his butt, and Ian handled her tits over her dress and bra, flicked his fingers on her ass cheeks, and palmed her butt. He was so turned on; maybe because it was in public, maybe because it was so impromptu and random, or maybe because Kayla was a sexy ass tall chick with a rocking body who obviously tanned regularly on the beach in California. Did she go to San Diego? He couldn’t remember.

Kayla pushed off the wall with a foot and shoved Ian against the wall on the other side of the hallway. They continued making out, but now Ian realized that she wanted more than just a few hungry kisses in the church basement. There was a door to his side and he kept the kiss going, but reached out and tested the doorknob. It was unlocked. He broke their kiss.

“Let’s go in here. We don’t want to be caught by some, enterprising person like us who don’t want to use the upstairs bathrooms.”

Kayla nodded while licking her lips.

“Good idea.”

The rushed into the room, which was a child care area with the lights off, and locked the door behind them. There were no windows which was great. Ian immediately knelt down, guided Kayla to one of the low too small tables and had her spread her legs for his head. He pushed up her dress with the light gossy fabric flowing like lace in the breeze in a bedroom next to the ocean. She had on white cotton panties, and he pulled them off while sucking in her scent. It was like her perfume, and he started to think she didn’t wear any and that Kayla just had an erotic scent naturally.

Her pussy was delicious, and for a brief moment he thought about the horde of people upstairs all dressed in their “sunday best” while he was downstairs eating out this young hot chick’s pussy. So far it was a good Easter.

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