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Should you write erotic shorts, or longer erotic novels?

i’m currently writing an erotica novel. This book is at 60,000 words right now, and I’m going into the final act. If you’re a “romancing the beat” type of person, I’m on Act 3, where my protagonists demonstrate their love and exist together. They show how they cannot be apart. writing in the first person gives it a little bit of a challenge that I find interesting. how do you show the other person’s emotions when you only have one field of view. I guess that is why many of the romance authors do two points of view. They have one protagonist tell the story from their side, and then get the other partner’s side of it. I like having the mystery of the one sided protagonist. i don’t switch points of view in a book. That means all of my books are not trustworthy. They’re told from the viewpoint of the main character. In my latest book, that is Josh Jennings, a 43 year old investor who has too much time and money on his hands and forces a deal with his 18 year old neighbor for sex. I’m working on making him her sugar daddy. Sugar baby? Did you know those terms existed? I knew about the daddy one, but that there are real people that trade their sex and time for college tuition, apartment rent, cars, etc. Wow. I don’t know if I could do it. Do you think they create emotional connection to their “daddies?” I bet they absolutely do. So long form versus shorts. I started writing shorts, and I thought that they were pretty cool. none of them sell very well. All of my longer stories sell much better than the short ones. hands down. They all do. Even my book of 9 anal shorts, “Rec Center Backdoor” has worse sales than my longer novels and novellas (50k-30k). Then I go and look at my sales for the year, and Rec Center Backdoor is actually third most in sales. Huh.
The first two books are much longer though, and “Brat Surrenders to the Neighbor’s Free Use,” is the series starter. So it makes sense that it is up in the ranks. I think the covers for “My Neighbor Obsession and “Using the Neighbor Brat’s Backdoor” are done well, which leads to the high sales. I wish that my longest and darling books were higher in the rankings though. “Take Her,” “Abusing the Game,” and “Brat Witch Masters Free Use Power” are all awesome lengthy books that deserve more attention. I guess with continued posting, publishing, and writing they’ll eventually get the recognition they deserve. 3 of these books are long novel length books.  One is a novel length book of 9 short stories, like a bundle. I love that book. “Rec Center Backdoor” has nine anal stories all centered around the local gym. fun. Today I did work on my latest book, “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal,” It is modeled after the “bargain” book but from the man’s perspective this time. What do you think of the potential covers? I’m leaning towards the one with the girl in a coat. Thoughts?

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