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Slept on it, and went all in to Kindle Unlimited.

Woke up this morning and decided that I should go all in on Kindle unlimited. There were a few books that couldn’t be put into KU because they’re published for free elsewhere. I’m not a fan of how there have been no sales at all from this morning. Crazy. Dumb. Ridiculous. Buy my stuff!!!

I decided to go to all into KU because of one simple fact. 80% of the market share.

My hope was to have more sales on my website and on Draft2Digital which I LOVE using, but there were simply not enough sales to justify staying wide with the amount of high-quality writing I’ve been doing. My erotica is spectacular and I know it. I enjoy when i reread it so I know someone else out there does too.

KU is my hope for the future. My guess, my hope is that it will lead to higher and higher sales and revenues.

The process was very very easy.

In Draft2Digital you go to each book and click “delist” at the bottom of the book’s file.

In Smashwords, you go to the “dashboard” and click on “unpublish.” It was fast, easy and simple. Amazon was much more difficult and clunky.

In amazon you have to click on each book and then click again and wait for the screen to refresh. It is not user-friendly or easy. They do a great job making their products great for people to buy, for consumers, but clunky and blah for the content producers.

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