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Slow slog of constant writing

Can you get better at writing by doing it every day? I think the answer is undoubted yes. Absolutely yes with an emphasis on exactly yes. Have I gotten better at writing by doing it every single day?

I think so. I’m pretty sure that with all of my constant writing and updating of the website and covers I’m bound to improve somehow.

Yes, writing is the way to improve. One must write with a purpose, write with conviction towards something you need to improve. I need to make sure I’m including enough “like a child stuffing toys inside a box to save for later in life, a sacred space of hoarding so no one else will find and steal it.”  I need to include metaphors and similes.  I need to include images and fewer effluent descriptions. I need to write with an active voice and not a passive one.

Move the action along, move the story with compelling dialogue.

Every time I write there must be a push through boredom, there must be a slog through the marsh of disinterest. Does it show in my written words? Does it appear with the pauses between my sentences that last through my staring at the television instead of putting fingertips to keyboard?

Yes. There must be improvement in the turns I write about lifting a skirt above knees that plump breasts together and high. I must change the short description about a thigh spasming with pleasure using words other than “quiver,” “tremble,” or “cum.”

Writing is a slog, a glorious fun peat bog to romp through with high knees of sacrifice and diligence. You need constant forward motion to keep from sinking into the mud, to stave off drowning in festering dark waters. You need to show up with constant forward motion pushing ever forward to drive the heart of satisfaction into something resembling success.

I write every day. I write something, a sentence a chapter, or a thousand words. My daily goal is at least 1,000 words. I want to write something meaningful, a scene, a moment, an emotion. I want to accomplish something sexy.

Eventually, through slog, through effort, I’ll arrive at a book and publish it. I want it published. I want the money, the recognition, and the accolades of financial success through writing.

Pull through the bog with me.

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