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Slutty Halloween, come and gone

When you start writing erotica, you read articles that tell you how to spell the word “cum” correctly.

You see, it is important that you get the vernacular correct when you’re writing in your genre. Readers expect you to to talk in their language, and when you’re cumming all over the place, and when you cum, you have to write it correctly. But when you “came” on the sheets,  because the prose was so good, you have to know the correct way to spell it.

I say that because I almost wrote, “Slutty Halloween, cum and gone” because I’m so used to writing it correctly for the books. With that out of the way,

Happy Halloween!

I hope that you had a great evening, or weekend full of slutty and scantily clad parties where the men were bare chested, muscled, firm but kind, and the women were lithe sexy and dressed to slut themselves out.

Halloween is the best because you can wear t-shirts as dresses, and it’s okay, because you’re a farmer’s wife, a slutty farmer’s wife. You can do that, and no one cares.

When I was writing, “Lust” the word occurs a lot. Guys cum, and girls cum, and hopefully they cum all over each other in waves of cumming pleasure. You can see here:

What I’d like you to take away from this is that language is specific to the audience and the writer (me) takes account of it in order to get the message across. I want you to experience a heady rush of satisfaction from the words I choose to write down and deliver. I want you to have a cerebral thoughtful savoriness when you read about Alison getting fucked on a table by a vampire whose bite drives women wild. I want you to swell with joy when Billy drives his stick in a ghost in the middle of a park, and feel the fright with each thrust that at any moment a car can come into the parking lot and shine headlights onto his naked ass.

Knowing how to say “cum” instead of “come” is an important step in keeping you engaged in the story, and not confused by syntax and connotation.

Happy slutty Halloween!

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