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Slutty Halloween Romance

Every Halloween, when September rolls through the calendar with another passing year I write a new Hill’s Secret’s Halloween Special.

Halloween is probably my favorite holiday in the year and there is nothing like dressing up in a slutty cheerleader outfit with your naked stomach flexing in the cool autumn air and a lacy bra as your only top.

I like knowing that if I’m out at the bars or a house party in my skimpy cheerleading uniform and I bend over too far anyone can see my shaved crotch. You can’t wear panties on Halloween.

So this year I’m trying to get new readers. If you’ve been following along I’ve been pumping out novels almost every week for the last year and a half and I’m disappointed with the results. Is that because I’m not in Kindle Unlimited?

You can get every single book I’ve ever written (over 70) and every book I’ll write in the future for $49.99. They’re delivered through bookfunnel so you’ll have access to them in seconds on Kindle, Apple, whatever reader you use.

So going forward I’m going to be working on more female readers.

That’s right ladies. If you’re looking for the hottest and most exciting erotic stories where young women are ravished by sexy older men then this is your place.

With women writing comes more romance! AHhh! But that means a wider audience and hopefully more sales.

It also means a tighter focus on the story. I’ll now be plotting extensively before writing. Before I was doing “snapshots” of sex and intimacy. Now I’ll be doing a full-on story with a plot arc, conflict, and resolution.

My next book is back with Alison and Brooke as they battle an exciting new threat from one of my other books, The “Winter’s Dominance” series. Alison is impervious to Gaia’s powers and when Irina comes to collect her thralls under Alyona’s orders Brooke steps up to her defense.

Find out what happens when the boys they were flirting with are scooped up along with one of their female friends.

Brooke and Alison will have to surrender their bodies to overcome the incited lust from the new Shamanka terrorizing Phoenix.

Can Alison use her passive powers to seduce back the boys she entertained? Will Brooke match Irina’s supernatural powers?

Find out in the next erotic Halloween romance story “Inciting Lust.”

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