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So much success you’re going to be tired of success!

Hopefully success. Perhaps I should retitle it and say, “So much productivity. I published two books on amazon today! “Rec Center Backdoor” has been live for a while, but now you can get it on AMAZON too once it is approved. After editing it again yesterday and reading the book in full again I realized that I really enjoy it. Check it out if you’re a fan of backdoor anal action. There are 9 stories all about the butt.

The second book I published was this week’s installment book, “Co-ed Easter Hook-up.” It is currently in review for Amazon, but I put it together, made a cover and sent it out there. You can get it here for FREE for one week! (or you can support me with a purchase on amazon for $0.99. This book is all about Ian and Kayla hooking up first at church during Easter service. Ian gets bored of the sermon and goes downstairs to find an unused bathroom. While leaving he sees an old summer fling Kayla and they hook up in an empty room during the sermon. They later hook up on a date. Kayla is an exhibitionist that has an insatiable appetite for cock. Ian realizes that he is the same way for spinning towards casual sex. They have fun in his parent’s SUV backseat and then visit the graveyard that Billy and his friends went to on Halloween (as seen in “Outside Lust”).

All of these books are going to share the same universe as my Hill’s Secrets series.

Yesterday a @curie curator stopped by and dropped some vote bots on my posts @carlgnash Thank you for stopping by and contributing to success. @sanchez.gomez70 stopped by too to suggest I write more older characters. I’ve been heavily dipping into the line between 18-23 with most of my text because it is familiar to me; I also see it as the time most people are exploring and doing reckless things with their lives. I avoid cheating because I’m not a fan of it and don’t want to perpetuate it. I’m also not a fan of the “billionaire bad-boy” cliche, or the whole strange step sibling or father incest stuff popular now. Without cheating or domineering misogynist men abusing power to fuck their subordinates what do I have for older sexy stuff? I’m not into geriatric assisted living sex. Suggestions?

My thoughts:

  • Widow returns the service of a contractor who was renovating her bathroom
  • Widower “helps” neighbor’s college daughter with her bikini yoga poses.
  • Divorcees meet at their kid’s baseball game and they hook up like teens, but as adults.
  • Secretary seduces a sales manager (equals not boss) at work where they have sex.
  • Young professional (30’s) fucks her way to an interview but ultimately doesn’t get the job. She is convinced her blow jobs are the best but doesn’t count on the all male company not considering “favors” and go with the more qualified applicant- all assuming she was just friendly but they didn’t know how to stop her sexual aggression.

These are a few of my brainstorms. Comment and let me know what direction I should go after I finish with the “Cam Girl Disaster” I’m writing now.

I’ve been writing a lot and been so productive because I’ve had the time to be. i’m worried about what is going to happen when I don’t have all this time and freedom to focus on my writing for multiple hours a day. I’m a fan of the constant posting and creation, but I’m not at a point where I can support myself with my words alone; yet.

Hopefully this mania continues unabated.

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