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Starting the Natural Dominance Series

What happens when the weakest runt of the family is blessed with Gaia’s natural power? What happens when the cruelest, revenge ridden evil woman who thinks she’s justified uses that power to overthrow her relative’s lives?

Alyona is evil. Not evil like she wants to kill the world, but evil in how she so casually destroys lives and abuses the power she call’s “Gaia’s will.”

I haven’t decided if Gaia is actually a malevolent force that has subverted this clan of women and men to do its bidding, or if in this world Gaia wants to taste human sex because it is foreign to her. The argument for Gaia, or the spirit of the earth is that it is everything, the personification of nature itself, including all life.

Does that include humans? it often doesn’t, and we are set apart. In this world Gaia cannot taste life unless like a symbiote she implants herself in a willing host.

In exchange for hosting her seed the women of the clan receive her magic and refuel it through celebrating Gaia’s will by fucking.

They learn that through Gaia’s power they can exploit the lust people have for them to make them exceedingly suggestive making them “thralls” to their will. Alyona subverts three men in the first three chapters of the Natural Dominance series in her efforts to wrestle in her new powers and exact revenge on her awful family.


I’m floundering with the writing because it is heavy on the personal details, on the world building, and lighter on the sex. I’m struggling to write a proper book without “telling.”

Remember, to write well you need to “show” the reader through exciting action, things that put the protagonists in challenging situations that describe their mettle, that show their bearing and is interesting enough to read.


I don’t know that I’m doing a great job of that despite my some 50 books that I’ve published in the last year. I know. Insane. I’ve been a publishing fiend and still I feel like my story is boring and not that interesting.

Every day I want to write. I want to be producing more and more material, but I should be outlining instead of gushing out stream of consciousness crap.

Tomorrow I’ll be outlining the story for the Natural dominance book. I had an outline, and I ignored it as I wrote. Things changed. I’ve ben pantsing and I don’t want to.

So I’ve been thinking of tag lines.


What do you think of this:



What would you do as the Cinderella of your family but suddenly infused with more powerful magic than even the strongest of your relatives? Would you take revenge? Would you pay them back for ruining your life?

Alyona is not thirsty for mercy. Join her as she gives in to Gaia’s will and dominates men, women, and those that have wronged her in this steamy romp through  Shamanka’s payback.

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