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Thank you, Kind Stranger. Sugar Daddy Deals thoughts.

I wish you stopped by before I went all into Kindle Unlimited and exclusive to Amazon. I released the “Everything” package which was all books present and future for $50.00.

You, kind stranger, bought all my books yesterday on Amazon! Thank you!

Check out the sales. 25 book purchases. You bought one of each book, and for that, I’m grateful, thankful, and full of joy. You gave me something I wished people would do for a long time.

When I went all into KU, I had to take down my “Everything” package and remove it from the website store. Bummer.

If I were to ask even more of you, please leave a review. Reviews make the books more visible and I can sell more of them.

As for what I’m working on now, more “The Backdoor Deal series, and Sugar Daddy Deals book 4. I’m about 16,000 words into it, slogging slow through the story and hopefully I’ll have the next entry in Christina and Josh’s life ready for publishing.

I’m working on them having a threesome with Sherri, Christina’s sexy buxom pledge-grandma. I’m struggling with getting there because I want Josh and Christina to be on firm ground before introducing another woman. Threesomes are fun, and using Christina like an anal slut is wonderful and all, but I want them to have some conflict and friction. It won’t be much, but enough to make the story readers interested beyond the constant fucking.

Christina and Josh fuck a lot. Like, a lot. Nearly every scene is Josh cramming his big fat cock into Christina’s tight body. She is skinny, young, and eager, and he loves to take advantage of that.

Maybe I’ll have Josh go all jealous and clingy to Christina feeling vulnerable and estranged as she eats Sherri’s dark pussy and reams her ass with her tongue so Josh can fuck her butt like she’s been trained to. I like that better than the jealous girlfriend. I like having Josh get uncomfortable with it wanting to keep Christina to his own. That will cause friction as she pulls away from his dominance. That can lead to them having a separation, one that Christina stays away from their place and starts spending more time with Sherri. She’ll still fuck Josh regularly but will come back with Sherri who she’ll encourage to suck Josh’s dick. Hmm. I like this. Then there will be a break. Josh will tell Christina that he doesn’t want to be with Sherri too, just her. She’ll have to make a choice and will choose Josh.

I like this. Do you?

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