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The biggest wordpress theme ripoff? Digiseller.

Fuck Digiseller. Seriously, do not buy that piece of crap wordpress theme. they’re trying to claim that because they have a digital product they don’t do refunds. Bullshit. Not giving refunds is bad business practice. I’m going to have to do a chargeback on my credit card, or hopefully paypal if I used it. Ass hats.

I’m hoping that this blog post ruins some of their business.

Lets go into some details about how Digiseller sucks.

  1. Difficult to understand. Their customization options in the “customizer” do not match what occurs on the screen.
  2. Can’t change the background color of the header. There is no clear way to do it. When you make color changes it doesn’t manifest on the page.
  3. Documentation is non-existent. I tried to do multiple searches for help on how to customize and set up the theme. I’m no pro, but I’m not a novice either. I’ve done many websites, and themes. No support documentation, no guides, no videos on how to change settings.
  4. Loaded with crappy plugins and extras I don’t want. They include a payment processor, a storefront plugin, and another bundle of widgets and “functionality” when you download their “demo” guide. Once you download the demo material you can’t delete it. Its stuck there forever. Fuckers.
  5. too many pre-built categories, pages, and fake posts. Poorly optimized.
  6. Shitty customer service. When I asked for a refund it took 7 days to respond, then they linked their “terms of service.” Sorry, but refunds are standard and good business practice. Enjoy the chargeback and eventual loss of payment processing asshats.

I don’t charge back ever. like probably once in my life. This is an opportunity to burn a chargeback. Fuck those guys.

So for now, I’m back to good old 2017 theme. I’m still on the hunt for something different, better, and easier to use. I want people to see my books, then see the patreon so they can download them all.

I tried a few galleries for my book covers, and the best one I found was wordpress’s own built in gallery! Amazing! Got to cut down on those images sizes 🙁 They look good though.

Today’s writing peaked at 3,000 words! I did a full public anal sex scene for Sandy and Floyd. He takes her shopping for a birthday gift for her dad, fucks her pussy in an alleyway not 20 yards away from the main thoroughfare, then takes her up into an office building that isn’t being used on the weekend to fuck her ass in front of a wall of windows overlooking the main pedestrian mall.

She gets off on the exhibitionist fucking, and he cums inside her after she climaxes a few times.

They are pretty sexy scenes, and I can feel Floyd’s love for her twisting into doubt the closer they get to the end of the summer. There is nothing like the inevitable split that makes someone crazy. I know.

We see Floyd’s insecurities because it is told from his perspective, but next few chapters will be how Sandy’s fear and anxiety about the coming school year start to manifest. She’s going to get more jealous, clingy, and start spending every night at Floyd’s house (much to her parent’s displeasure).

I’m at 15,000 words for this book, and don’t see it ending by the end of the week. I’m guesing it will top out at 30,000. If you haven’t noticed, I’m going for longer form erotica from now on, even attempting to bleed into true romance! Gasp! Steamy romance, but that is where the readers are and the money. For now, this story is full of sex, full of titillation, and lots of older man, younger girl fucking. Enjoy.

Here is an excerpt from today’s writing:

“But, Floyd, someone is going to see me!” Sandy moaned.
I was pushing my tip past the opening of her pussy and sliding my shaft in from behind. Sandy clung to the water spout in the sewer stinking alley, skirt hiked over her waist. Her white thong was pushed aside, but still covered her tight butthole.
“Shhh, be quiet, and no one will notice.”
“What if they look?” She said, gesturing to the crowd of people twenty yards away flowing past the mouth of the alley.
“No one is going to care, or know, it’ll look like we’re talking, ugh, uh, god you feel so fucking good.” I said, not looking to see if anyone is watching, but focused on how her ass looks in the daylight too bright and open compared to the car or bedroom.
Sandy moaned and grunted with subdued noises, trying to bite back her typical loud release. Her pussy is hugging me harder than it usually does, even as wet as she is. I could tell how turned on she was from the public fucking. She had an exhibitionist bent to her that I loved exploiting.
We were walking in old town, doing some light shopping for a birthday party coming up. Her dad’s birthday was in August, and she needed to buy him a present. I’d had my hands all over her hips and waist during the day, snagging her close for kisses, and driving my hand down her sides to flick the skirt up in shops. She’s smack my hand away, but each time I tried it was further and further up her butt before she waved me away; she wanted to show off her white thong. She liked being used in front of others; not people she knew, but strangers. The teenage retail workers feasted on Sandy’s body, likely committing to memory like I had, her perfect ass and too long legs.
Once I got a handful of one thick ass cheek in a tool shop where the older man behind the counter loudly cleared his throat and glared at us, I pulled her out the door and a good 20 yards into the alley next door. Without speaking I pushed Sandy’s face against a drain spout to provide some cover, and rolled up her skirt.
“What are you?” She said at first, then gasped when I entered her wet pussy.
I knew she was loving the public play, and her wetness confirmed her excitement.
“I’m going to fuck you here in public until you cum,” I said leaning into her back.
She had to arch excessively to stay standing, keep me inside her, and not completely bend at the waist. Her hair bobbed to my thrusts sending ripples over her body. I knew her tits were flopping under her chest and that if anyone saw they’d double take to see me rocking behind her and get captivated by her massive moving chest. Well, if they could see.
Her pussy was so wet and tight, clenching hard.
“I want you to cum on my cock in public,” I said, and grabbed her hair. I held it like a bridle riding a horse, pulling on it enough to strain her neck up a tad.
“Oh! Floyd! It feels so good! You’re fucking me so hard!”
“Cum for me, my little public sex slut. I want to see you cum looking at all those strangers walking by. Look at them seeing you getting fucked by my big dick,” I said, hoarse with whisper.
“Oh god! I love it, oh my god, what if they see me? They’d see me bent over getting fucked! Oh god!”
Her legs started shaking and her hips fell and lifted from her orgasm trembling her body like a tuning fork clanged against stone. Her moans trembled out wavering from her quivering climax.
I held onto her hair and hips while she white-knuckled the water spout to not scream out loud. When her orgasm rolled down the peak I pulled out, and with great reluctance stuffed my pussy wet cock back into my shorts and zipped up.
“Did you cum inside me?” Sandy said, somewhat languid; her eyes heavy and voice tired.
“No, not yet. I’m going to save that for a little bit when I cram my dick in your ass and cum inside.”
“Here?” She said, looking around, “why did you stop?”
“Not here; someplace a little more public. I think you’re going to like it.”
“Oh god, I’m a little scared.” Sandy said, standing and letting her skirt fall down to just past her ass cheeks. “That was amazing, I don’t want someone to see me.”
“They will, but they won’t know you’re getting fucked up the butt.”
She cringed and looked at me in confusion.
“You’ll see.” I said.
“I still need to get a gift for my dad,” Sandy said. She waggled a finger at me, “no more groping in the stores; I can’t concentrate.”


I hope you enjoyed! Leave a comment if you did 🙂

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