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The daunting reality of a mediocre erotic writer

I calculated today how many words I’d write in a year if I put 1,600 words on the page each day. 584,000. If I put all those words into Kindle Unlimited and someone read every page at least once it would only make me $2,770.

That isn’t a lot of money. In fact, it is virtually nothing. I need to make 500% more of that. I need to make $100,000 a year in order to make up the money I make from my job in salary, benefits, health insurance, and retirement savings.

How the fuck do you mass market erotica? It is impossible. I’m feeling like I’m running an uphill battle against my fantasies and indulgences that aren’t making me enough, or much money at all. December 2018 was by far the best month I ever had financially with my writing, earning $250. That isn’t enough to cover what I need to support myself writing.

So with my limited success, my tepid reception with readers and visibility I doubt I’m going to find financial success in erotica.

Now I know why people move to Romance.

It is the biggest market with the most voracious readers that are willing to devour your long story in full and read it over and over. They read a book a day, a week, whatever. I want to have a thousand readers every day. That isn’t too many people, though what I’m writing right now isn’t mainstream. I’m in a backwater pond with a river trickling flow to the real space there are monies.

I need to write better. I need to write more vanilla without a kink. The other option is going full niche, full kink, but I think I need to move out of erotica though my heart is in it.

I want the money. Right now the highest earning book I have has made only $100.00. That is nothing. That is “beer money” as they say.


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