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The frustrating attention at Draft2Digital

I want to publish everything through Draft2Digital, especially to Amazon. I’ve had nothing but problems.

The first time I wanted to publish to Amazon I had to rip all of my poems off the website because apparently, you can’t offer anything for free on the zon. Then when i submitted my bundle (all the books which are currently available on Amazon) I get rejected because two small portions (less than 5% of a book) are on Literotica under a different title. They were the first exploratory chapters of the first book I wrote, “Take Her.”

Now to get my book published on Amazon I can go to them directly and have it published through KDP, which would probably be done in less than a day, or I can drop it through D2D once I get it removed from literotica.

Literotica has a single person administering the accounts and I had to direct message someone through the forms to get my works removed from the site. Lame. there is no reason it shouldn’t be automatic. Why in 2019 do I need to have someone remove a story from their site? I guess maybe for account protection. Who knows.

They say it will take 5 days to remove. 5 days! yikes!

Once it is gone I then email D2D, then request that they remove the Amazon blocked status, and resubmit. Grr. it is a frustrating process. Annoying.

I suspect they are very anal about the Amazon review process because they don’t want to get flagged for any reason for abusing the system. They need to take everything super seriously. More seriously than Amazon themselves. I get it. It’s annoying.

So, you can get everything on my blog, on my website, B&N, and soon Kobo and Apple and all the others.

I’m going wide again bitches!

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