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To do Kindle unlimited or not

That is the question. do you subject yourself to all in on Amazon or do you go wide?

You may have heard this before, but KU and wide are two very different markets. You need to answer if you are serious about writing and continuing to write or if you’re in it for the money in the short term.

Let’s look at some facts:

Amazon is 80% of the book buying market.

Wide is much smaller, yet there are still people that make a lot of money on other retailers. The most notable for me is Apple. Other people do very well on Kobo, and still others have income from Tolino and Barnes and Noble.

I’m suspecting that the next Amazon and kobo are going to be the next retailers that drive the market. Apple may be, but I honestly see them decreasing over time as they are expensive and not ubiquitous outside of the united states.

Right now the majority of my sales come from Amazon. In November I’m making $60.00 from sales and no books in KU. I’ve been wide for three months and I’ve seen my sales decrease every single month. Some of that might be because I’m not publishing as often as i was before (in some cases weekly publishing). Now I’m writing longer stories and publishing about once or twice a month. I’m still producing every day something, but my stories are not as consistent and rapid as they used to be.

At first going wide got me a lot of money from Apple and Barnes and Noble. The first month I did really well at $40 from wide retailers. that has dwindled down to $20.00 for a month. I’m not happy about this because my KU income has disappeared and not been replaced by the wide sales. in fact, the sales have been dripping lower over and over. I’m starting to think I should go all in on Kindle unlimited for the page reads, for the increased exposure, and for the added income. My annoyance stems from the fact that I was hoping my website would generate a lot more revenue than it has.

My goal was to have people buying the “everything” package from my website with Bitcoin or Litecoin as they’re the only payment processors that will accept Erotica online. Should I be selling everything on Amazon and Kindle?

Personally, I can’t remember the last time I bought a book online. I’ve only been reading books on Amazon Kindle with my unlimited subscription. If I’m not buying books like others, then they probably aren’t either.

The sales from my wide retailers aren’t that high so it won’t make much of a difference if I take it away.

Unfortunately for me it takes away my dream of having a robust “Everything” package sales. I wanted my readers to get everything I’ve ever written by buying the Everything package.

That didn’t work out too well. i had very few people buying it. 3 to be exact. I can still give them the books they bought in advance before going into KU.

So i face a dilemma. Do I go back into KU?

I’m wide. I have all my books wide right now and i have spent the whole third quarter going wide. It hasn’t paid off.

Maybe I’m rushing it, not committing to anything long enough to be successful. should I let it ride?

But Amazon is 80% of the market and all that sweet sweet KU money is sitting on the table doing nothing.

The majority of my sales are on Ku.

The money from wide isn’t achieving the revenue I was getting from Ku.

Kindle Sales:

Wide Sales:

I really like the idea of being wide. I enjoy the hope that I have controllable income outside of Amazon. however, I don’t want to be missing out on tons of cash. Cash today is better than some cash tomorrow. I think tonight I’m going to switch everything over to Kindle unlimited. KDP Select for all my books. We’ll see how that goes.

The pictures above are the lifetime income I’ve earned from Kindle, and then wide.

Amazon: $588

Wide: $176

Website: $150.


I don’t know. Amazon is about $600, and wide and website is about $300 for the same time period. Maybe I shouldn’t go into KU. At worst it is 3 months. Hmmmmm.


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