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Vol 01 of Hill’s Secrets series is live!

Take Her, available now!

Live now on Amazon! You can buy it today, or borrow it for free through Kindle Unlimited!

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Today I released the first full novel for the Hill Family and their sexual secrets. This is Alison’s tale, a college freshman cheerleader who has just lost her virginity with Matthew. Take her voyage through the summer after high school graduation, and into her fall semester at college.


Alison Hill has blond hair, a tight athletic body,  and is constantly misinterpreting her sexual intentions. Her lovers read her flirting and confidence as an open invitation to take her any way they please. Confused, and reluctant, she lets them take her body how they want, and how they need to satisfy their desires. Will she stand up to their use? Will she take control of her own sex life? Find out inside as she falls down the rabbit hole.


College freshman Alison Hill tumbles from school sweetheart Matthew, to football star Hank, and tutor nerd Eugene. Explore the depths of her depraved cheer-leading exploits on and off campus.

The Hill family has plenty of secrets from each other, and the first installment looks at Alison’s story. Follow her, as she recounts her personal coming of age through the lens of her intimate experiences. She’ll take you through the uncertain moments of her first family home couch explorations, her degrading rebound quickies, and her surprising yoga master affair. Beware though, Alison’s journey takes her to the dregs of campus life. Will she come through stronger? Or will she be taken by their desires? Find out in the full length novella, “Take Her.”

WARNING: This story contains mature themes and language, sexual scenes with graphic description. Intended for 18+ readers only. Focuses on the steam.

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