Erotic Short Stories

Winter’s Backdoor Gift: A Young Shamanka Communes with Gaia

Winter Solstice Erotica:

Main character inspired by @Lizzyaacosta and this post:

I spread my legs over the dark stone feeling the sharp edges bite into my naked butt cheeks. It was the shortest day of the year and I wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. The fucking cold was sending my body into convulsive shivers, and my tits jiggled in uncomfortable wobbles over my hard belly. At least I looked good.

All of the planks, situps, and core workouts had been doing their job. My belly was flat and tight, tapering into my crotch above my hips like a delightful hourglass shape. Too bad no one was going to see me out here. With a shivering sigh, I wet my finger on my pussy.

My family had been coming outside for generations to commune with the earth, with Gaia for decades, generations, centuries. Well, if the stories were true. I’d cum on this stone with my mother, and my sisters every year, but this was the first year I got to do it at midnight.

Like it was a fucking privilege.

My feet were like frozen blocks of discomfort and I couldn’t figure out if I wanted them wiggling in the air like my nipples, or if I needed them pressed into the rock to stabilize my body. It was either both feet or my free hand, and I liked neither option.

Why did it have to be so fucking cold?!

“SHIT!” I yelled with a rush of water vapor condensing in the chill. The moon was high, almost cresting at the peak, and full. A full fucking moon on the Winter Solstice. I was fucking blessed. It was the Long Night Moon or the Cold Night. “Jokers, all of them. Assholes. Bitches,” I grunted trying to focus on my orgasm.

Our family called it the Cold Embrace. It was the night we gave ourselves over to Gaia, the night we surrendered our lust, our love, our bodies to the mother’s touch, to her most powerful reverence to a time before sunlight, a time before life began suckling on her teat.

It was the night our powers rejuvenated.

That was if we could work out a fucking orgasm in the nude, on this stone, in the middle of winter. It usually didn’t matter what time as long as it was at night. My mom had been here hours earlier when the sunlight still warmed the rock a little. Her footprints mashed around the base of the rock. My sister had been here a few hours later, and my youngest sister would be here near dawn so she didn’t have to wake up in the middle of the night.

My legs spasmed against the cold. I’d chosen to plant my feet and use my free hand to try and work friction warmth on my thighs and belly. My tits jiggled like two massive annoyances wiggling to my movements with excessive slapping. They were too big for my tastes.

My mother called them a “gift from Gaia” to entice men and make other women jealous. I think she just said shit like that because she had big breasts too and it was how she justified how annoying they were.

Ignoring the pain in my feet I hammered my clit with wet fingers, though my hand was so cold they could just be numb.

“Come on!” I grunted, struggling naked atop the large dark stone.

You’d think that over the generations we’d work the surface flat, or smooth. Mom said they never did because they didn’t want it to be found out. Like this particular stone had meaning somehow.

“There it is,” I said, finally finding the groove and notch that I’d been using the last few years as a nodule to cum against. “Unnnghhh.”

It was my first moan of pleasure as the smooth notch that was near invisible pressed between my goosebump ridden ass cheeks and froze my asshole. Inches away from the butt plug like notch was a dip and another rise that I ground my pussy into.

“Fuck, that’s cold!” I shouted pressing my labia around the rock. “UGH!” I moaned, my stimulation, my pleasure finally rising under the tide of abusive cold that lashed my naked skin. “Ahh!”

I bit my lip this time, moaning through closed teeth. The pain, the cold, the pressure from the notches on the rock stimulated my butthole, stimulated my sweetness working in tandem with my fingers to spread pleasure through my core.

My belly trembled from excitement instead of freezing. My muscles flexed, moved my hand in a blur, and I used my frozen feet to leverage my hips back and forth, spreading numb butt cheeks into the rock. In minutes my fading body heat warmed the surface of the rock enough it wasn’t so terrible.

“Ummfff, uh, ummm, mmmfff,” I moaned, hunching over like a madwoman touching myself. It wasn’t snowing, thank Gaia.

I was almost there. I was almost cresting. I stared up at the sky blowing a lock of dark curls out of my face. I hated my hair. It was so wavy and poofy, even in the dry winter. The moon loomed like a meteor about to destroy everything. I felt it growing larger like it was coming closer, like it wanted to see my belly button trembling from the cold, shivering from my twitching pussy and ass on the boulder, flexing from my flicking fingers over my clit.

“FUCK! YES! FUCK! I’M CUMMMING!” I roared to the barren branches, to the trees that circled this grove like sentinels to time, to nature, to memory. “Unnnnffffff!” I moaned riding the rock edges and wishing the tips were longer to plunge inside my asshole, to plunge into my pussy. “Oooh, god, Gaia, yes!”

Ecstasy flooded through my insides, flooded my asshole in spasming pleasure like electroshock therapy clouding my brain. Thought fled, cold disappeared, and I writhed in orgasmic waves rippling through my body.

“Mmmmm,” a deep vibration slithered through the cold air. The moon was closer. I was sure, and I pushed my curled black hair away from my brow and behind my ear. “Ahhhhhhh,” the sound was like a cave opening up for the first time in millennia and air starting to circulate once more. It was like gas sighing out of decaying leaves in the summer. “Yeeeessss.”

Confused and with rising panic I clutched my arm around my nipples smashing breasts to my ribcage and twined my legs together hoping to hide my nudity.

“Whos there?” I shouted to the cold darkness. It wasn’t black thanks to the snow and the moon that seemed ever bigger each minute. It must have been just past midnight. I’d started fingering my clit ten minutes before and I didn’t take that long usually.

“Mmmmaaahhhhh,” another sighing groan reverberated through the grove like soil shifting, like titanic mountains shuffling feet grown bored with standing.

“AHHH!” I screeched and lept off the rock. “What the fuck?!”

My pussy had been full. It had been stuffed in a sudden rush like a cock bursting through my tightness. The boys I’d been with called it a godpussy. I didn’t know about that but I knew my folds made it look like I was smooth and perfect, that my lips were short, small pink sensitive lines that spread open for my wet honey. Something on the rock had moved inside my pussy.

“What the fuck?!” I screamed again, dancing in the snow and debating whether or not to get back on the rock or put my clothes on.

“Mmmmm, moaar,” the voice pressed through the trees like a wall of wind; gentle and powerful like an oppressive weight. It felt like guilt dropping over your soul knowing you did something terribly selfish and wrong. “More, daughter.”

I noticed it then, the rock, the stone, and the rising cock rising off the top. The tip bulged fat and wet, glistening still from my wetness. It grew in front of my eyes, grew thick veins and bundled skin where the foreskin folded under the pulsing head.

“Holy fucking shit,” I muttered. “What the fuck.”

“More, daughter,” the voice was louder but less confusing like I was learning the language the more it spoke.


“Yesss, my daughter. Please me more.” The voice was a thrumming like a bass speaker heavy on the low notes and heard in the chest instead of the ears.

“On you?” I wasn’t sure what it was.

“Yes,” Gaia responded with a sharp breath like hot air exploding out of a volcano before eruption.

“Ummm, I’m not…” I started, touching the rock.

It was warm. The snow around the base was melting and a crush of hot air radiated above it. My hand felt like needles too warm too quickly after being so cold for so long.

“Ouch! Fuck, what the?” I said, confusion and curiosity looming over me.

The moon was enormous, the light like a glistening spotlight covering the copse like one of the car dealership’s searchlights hitting a cloud. a

The rock had smoothed, molded to the shape of a man’s torso with a giant pulsing cock rising like a stele into the night air. It seemed to throb with need, to ripple with vein pumping desire.

I touched it.

My hand went warm, again flooding like dipping into a basin of just tolerable hot water. My thigh pressed against the rock, and my core trembled with renewing warmth.

The stone cock was soft, rigid but moldable, like a stiff mastiff that resisted bending. The pulse of tides, the swirling rivers of magma coursed like shifting tectonic plates under my grip, and I shuddered in fear.

“Oh my God.”

“Yesss,” the stone rumbled like it was falling off a cliff and starting an avalanche.

I licked my lips. My nipples were no longer hard from the chill, the biting cold of winter’s return. They were hard from excitement. I climbed onto the rock, placing knees around the torso that chiseled into a well defined muscular man shape without legs, without arms or head. The heat enveloped me like I imagined a dick felt like entering my ass.

I used the cock like a lever to pull myself up onto the rock. The moon crushed down on me, on us.

“Mmmm, yes, ride me, daughter.”

“Uh, I’m not sure about this,” I whispered but the cock was hot, throbbing still, and we were inside a globe of hot air protected. Was this Gaia speaking to me, offering me something? “Mmmmfff!” I moaned sliding my tightness over the massive rod. “Mm, my God, Gaia, its so fucking big inside me!”

I rode the rock, the warm fleshing stone that had molded itself into a man’s shape. Thighs sprouted near my heels, the waist where legs met abs flexed between my knees, and my ass cheeks slapped the firm yet giving stone thighs.

The cock was hard, perfect, and it moved to my humping. I planted my hands on the man-chest that began carving like clay finding shape from an unseen shaper.

“UH! YES!” I shouted, slamming my butt into the stone’s soft lap. The rigid cock rammed into my core, into my wetness, into my sweet honey pussy. “FUCK! YES!”

I bucked on the shaft, I rode Gaia’s manifest dick like a howling witch screaming pleasure and satisfaction to the moon that was our only witness. Faster, faster, I pumped my crotch into the molded stone. Into the man-shape, and rode me to ecstasy.

“Yesss,” the rock rumbled like a rolling wave from an earthquake felt hundreds of miles away in the warm summer sunlight. “Draw me out with your desire, with your passion, with your need.”

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! It’s so fucking good!” I screamed thrashing my belly with flexing hands to leverage my pussy against the dick. It hit me hard, it hit me deep, it tickled my clit and swelled my insides apart. “Mmmppffffff!”

My palms started rubbing on the stone’s man-shaped chest like a chiseled god of perfect built muscle. Shoulder, neck, and limbs began sprouting like the stone melted around it like it was always there waiting.

Rough hands grabbed my wrists, sharp and poking with raw edges that melted at our generated heat, and soon detail sprouted over knuckles and fingers. The stone hands that groped my breasts pinched nipples with every hungry need that mortal men expressed but this was different. This was a massage of permanence. This was devouring of flesh as ravenous as time itself.

Gaia animating our sacred rock fucked me hard, the man made of stone soft to the press but slow fucked my tight 21-year-old pussy. I screamed. I moaned. I gasped in quivering climax over and over.

“Fuck me, Gaia! I want it! I need it!” I shouted though I knew I could whisper. “Pound my tight pussy! It feels so fucking good!”

I nailed the cock with my hips feeling in slow moments the curving ass push away from the stone. The golem was separating from the rock.

In minutes we were a tangle of limbs and sweating bodies. I sweated, the stone gave with soft resistance though underneath was hard immobility like gym pads against metal beams. If you ran into it the padding would help unless you were running fast.

Gaia tugged my hair, pulling my thick waves to the middle of my back and dark glistening lips licked at my neck and breasts. It read the temperature of my pleasure and pressed like a child touching a bruise. It was terrible and wonderful mixing with the shoving piston inside my belly.

The cock was amazing. It shoved deep, it pressed against my belly button from the inside, and it rammed my G-spot. Its vein crusted edges ribbed my labia with beading erotic satisfaction.

“Oh, Gaia, you’re amazing. I’m cumming so much! I can’t take any more.”

“More, more! More, daughter!”

My pussy was raw with use, abused with the size. Gaia began fingering my asshole.

“What are you doing?”

“I want it all, daughter. I want everything.”

The voice was less troubling and more immediate shoved through the clicking lips of this golem, this animated rock.

“I feel you every solstice,” Gaia said while sucking on my nipples, while pushing soft stone fingers up my asshole, while cramming the massive cock up my pussy. I’d stopped rocking my body and let Gaia minister to me.  “I know what gives you pleasure, what coaxes me alive.”

“What,” I gasped feeling my sphincter split apart, feeling the pressure like a burst dam exploding out of my asshole. It ruptured through my crotch and clenched my pussy harder over Gaia’s erection. “What do you mean? you can feel it? You respond when we cum?”

“Yess.” It was a hiss like steam releasing out of a geyser.

“Oh my god, Oh my Gaia! It’s too much! I’ve never had anything in my ass!”

“Your pleasure. Your desire. Your passion. I want it all.”  Gaia said.

“Fuuuuuckk!” I screamed having my pussy filled, having my ass pryed apart by the spirit of Earth itself. “Mmmaaaaahhhhh!”

I clutched to the neck of the stone man weeping panting breath into its neck. My breasts shoved against Gaia’s animated body, against the neck and my nipples tickled from electric anticipation. The stone fingers left my ass and hands as strong as a planet plucked me off the large dick.

“No, I’m not ready. I can’t take it all,” I whimpered.

“You can.”

“No! No no!” I plead putting my hands over the arms like titans and the chest like a steel clamp closing. “I don’t think I can! I’ve never had anything in my butt, much less,” I pointed at the golem’s massive shaft, “that!”

“Yes daughter. You’re mine and you’ll earn your rewards.”

A wash like spring butterflies spewed over my chest and I inhaled pollen like reassurance. I felt every flower breathing in warmth, felt the crust of my planet oozing heat from the swirling molten core and the baking burn of sunlight across half the globe coaxing life like a blanket of reassurance.

“Are you sure,” I asked.

“Yes.” It was the sound of a waterfall trickling its last drop over a rock when the snows finally melt away.

“Ok. Okay,” I breathed letting the golem bend me over the rock. It was soft, warm like the golem itself but more like a cushioned desk, or a bed.  I didn’t even notice the snow at our feet anymore; it had been melted away and green grass vibrant and soft hugged my toes. “Ok,” I breathed, “but go slow.”

“Like the seasons,” Gaia cooed.

The golem’s hands caressed my back like the oozing press of mud after rain in fields just sprouting cabbage. It flopped its massive cock against my rump, slapping it against my raw asshole. I trembled waiting for Gaia to plunge his avatar’s cock inside my virgin asshole.

“Oh fuck, I’m scared,” I said bracing my knees against the soft stone that warmed my knees to hot. My hands stretched forward over the rock like I was a prisoner about to be strip searched. “Gaia, please, be gentle.”

My tits pressed heavy against the stone and I swear I felt it suckle on my nipples.

Gaia pushed.

The tip split my asshole apart like a snake shoving through tall grass.

“Ahhhhhhh!” I started screaming.

The tip was a wrecking ball through soft drywall.

My ass split apart and stretched from its insistence. I screamed more.

“Ummm! AHHHHH! fuuuuuuck!”

My elbows lanced into the stone shelf I smashed my tits into, that I ground my cheek against while I screamed to endure the massive dick invading my unused butt. I’d never let a boy finger my asshole. I never even touched it unless to clean up. My butthole was sacred, terrifying, and naughty. The only time I let something touch it was each year when I came on this rock, masturbating in the wilderness to Gaia’s spirit to be empowered again with shamanic magic.

Now Gaia was stuffing an animated stone golem’s coke-can sized cock up my protesting asshole.

“Your cock is too fucking big!” I panted trying my best to endure the splitting destruction. “You’re tearing me apart!”

“I am the river that smooths the stone!” Gaia yelled. “I am the fire that clears the forest!” The stone man slapped my ass and squeezed my cheeks apart where the cock split them already. “I am the wind that howls through the depths and the mountains that kiss the void!”

“You’re pounding my ass!” I screamed back!

“I’m tasting your lust!”

“Oh my fucking GOD! Your cock is ripping my butt apart! It’s too fucking deep!”

“Mmmmm,” Gaia moaned and lodged his dick inside me complete.

“Ooooh, ooh my god, oooh kay, mmmpppfffff, ugh, it’s too big. Too big. I can’t take it.” I trembled collapsed against the stone like I was a used hooker slumped over an exercise ball waiting for some junkie to stuff me. “I can’t, I can’t, oh my god, Gaia. Unnnnh.”

“Yeessss,” Gaia moaned with the passion of lava meeting the ocean.

“Don’t move!”

It started fucking my butthole.

Not fast, not hard, but it moved. It pushed forward and back, the tip like a shovel emptying out dirt tearing my sphincter apart as it approached.  Gaia moved with the pace of the tides, of the seasons, of a slow-moving warm front.

I shouted as loud as I could, my voice going raw.

“Oh fucking shit! Your cock is pounding my ass! It is filling me up! I can’t take it!”

The dick was huge. It dominated my brain. I drooled in a puddle ignoring how it rubbed against my cheek and wet my hair near my ear. My tits smashed against the warm stone and seemed to be getting groped like the stone itself wanted in on the action. My pussy tingled with need and I shoved a hand between my belly and the rock.

When my fingers found my clit I moaned aloud.

“Ohhh, yes, fuucking hell, oh my god, that helps, a little, but, Gaia. Gaia! Oh, fuck GOD! GAIA! You’re fucking my ass too rough!”

What tempered solace I found from my fingers fled when the stone golem picked up speed and silent like gnats humped my suctioning asshole fast, deep, and rough.

“YEEEESSS! I’M CUMMMMING!” I roared, shocked and stupefied by the sudden explosive ecstasy that burst through my stomach, through my breasts, through my shaking thighs like a lake’s response when a boulder plummets from a great height into its sleepy stillness.  Pleasure slammed like the displaced waves and splashes through my arms and nails, through my knees and heels. “Oooh, my fuuucking Gaia! Ummmmmfffffff!”

“Rrrraawwwww!” The stone man-thing roared like a herd of lions singing proudly against the night I didn’t understand but used and feared.

I didn’t feel anything spurt inside my rectum, no hot cum flooding my bowels or core, but I felt the swelling spasm of Gaia’s cock mimicking the clenching build of a man’s orgasm.

“Holy fucking shit! That feels so good!” I said exhausted still rubbing my clit and moving my hips in slow micro movements against the avatar’s monster shaft. It pulsed through my asshole sending shivering trembles through my spine. Every move sent electricity like heat lightning coursing through clouds across my skin. “You’re amazing. I didn’t think I’d like it. I didn’t think I’d cum, that I’d climax at all.” I breathed hard doing my best to recover. “But that was incredible. That was like drinking from the purest spring filtered by your very fingers.”

“Mmmm,” the stone sighed like sandstone losing one grain each second the stream stroked its back.

It began slouching back to the stone, not shoving me aside, but like I was a blanket and it wanted back in its bed.

“Gaia,” I pawed at the stone’s shoulders. “Gaia, why me? Why this? Why now?”

“Child,” the voice came from the wind where cold began returning. “I’ve always been waiting until you were ready, until you wanted me. Until you were ready for what needed.”

The moon dulled returning to its normal distance, its flooding shape returned natural. A chill swept forward from the linger dome of heat but pushed it away like a breeze carrying a balloon far far out of reach.

Goosebumps sprouted like cluster bombs across my body and the painful memory of cold lanced through my skin.

The stone returned to its original shape. It went silent. The thrumming vibrations ceased.

But power, power unlike any I’d remembered or dreamed spread before me like a feast that never spoiled, like a table of food always prepared no matter how much I harvested.

I smiled ignoring the cold and remembering the heat of Gaia’s core, the heat of the sun’s assault.  I dressed and left the rock in the wilderness wondering if my mother had ever experienced Gaia’s direct touch, or if my sisters had.

Maybe it was mine. Maybe it was what I wanted and needed that Gaia could take. By the time I got to the cabin, it didn’t matter. I had work to do and I smiled sharing the secret joy of insight with the wind that whispered my cheek like a promise that it would not be the only time Gaia chose to take me.



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