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Writing a new backdoor deal

I’m writing a new entry into the “Sugar Daddy Deals” series. Josh Jennings is going to get another round of fun plugging a tight teenage blond slut, Christina. This time they’re screwing while at her college and they’ll suffer a mess of struggle where they attempt to define their relationship beyond the deal they’ve made.

Josh is struggling with how he is going to reconcile his jealous emotions for Christina’s affections with how they’ve agreed to be friends with benefits. Josh believes that Christina is using Josh for his money and that she wants nothing to do with his affection.

So far I have the whole outline done. There’s going to be a threesome, and in the vein of typical romance erotica they’ll struggle, find themselves through devastation and their own mistakes, but in the end land on a Happily Ever After, or happy for now.

I’m having a lot of fun writing about how Josh loves how eager and willing Christina is opening her mouth for his cum, and spreading her ass for his thick dick.

I’m wondering why “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal” is so popular in my sales. Perhaps it is the cover? I don’t know. Whatever the reason I’m going to continue the trend and add another entry into the series to hopefully add more revenue to my stream.

If you like Josh Jennings and his teenage freshman college slut Christina and the crazy sex they have be excited!

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