Writing a new book; progress update

Yes, I’m writing a new book. Of course, always, every day doing some writing of some sort. Today’s writing was the climax of Josh and Christina’s first explosive rebellion.

If you didn’t know, this book is modeled after “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Bargain,” and is called “The Neighbor’s Backdoor Deal.” I know, creative, different, and unique, right? No. It is a total steal and a minor title change. That is important, because the title is reflective of what I’m attempting to do right now. My goal is to write a book as successful as “The Bargain,” book. It is my second most profitable book. The only one to beat it out is “Punishing the Neighbor’s Backdoor,” an older man menage tale where the man of the house punishes the neighbor slut’s asses for fucking with his son.

So this book, “backdoor deal,” is from the man’s perspective. We saw Janelle’s story with “Bargain,” and I’m taking a similar story line and applying it to this new book. My goal is the money. Of course, excellent story telling, descriptive sex that makes you wet your panties, and engorge your dick, so get excited! It is coming!

Right now I’m 28,000 words in, and about two weeks of effort. That seems slow, I think. I feel like I should have completed it by now, but I started a pen name, so the work I did on that book took some of my writing away from erotica.

I figure I’m about halfway through this story, aiming for about 60k words. I think that is a good round number to flesh out their trials. The sex takes a lot of words; maybe I should shorten the scenes? I don’t know, what do you think? Am I too verbose with my steamy smut scenes? Why do you read my works?

Today’s scene was where Christina blows off an appointment with Josh. She was supposed to show up at his house, and it was going to be the first time he fucked her. She doesn’t show, defiance after a fight they have a few days earlier.

Josh isn’t cool with that shit; he is an older successful investor who plans out his days in exacting detail, and no teenage (18) slut he’s grooming to be his fuck toy is going to ruin it. He goes to her parents house, and very clearly sends her a message.

She shows up that night, angry, but resigned.

I thought this scene was hot. He bends her over his kitchen table, and fucks her right there, ignoring her moans and creaming over her ass. Later, he drags her to the couch where they’d previously had their sessions and has her lick him dry, and lap at his balls for a good 20 minutes as punishment.

Damn it is hot. It was about 2300 words, so i chopped it up into a second chapter, and am going to write tomorrow about their second session and his feelings after Christina leaves. I’m looking forward to it.

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