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Writing again

“Grab her like a Trump” is live on amazon. $0.99 or free with Kindle unlimited. Check it out today.

I think one of the most poingnant phrases from last year’s election was “I just grab them by the pussy.”

Who the fuck says that? The god damn fucking president of the United States. That’s who. Funny thing, the president can say, “Grab them by the pussy” but you can’t put that in the amazon blurb. How fucked up is that?

Anyway. Explore Carl’s reaction to big tittied liberal hippy chick Becca’s fight with her friends on election day. Carl is a good gun toting militia man that wants to protect the polls from anyone coming to fraudulently vote twice or three times. Becca is fired up about the armed guards around the polling places and wants to challenge their aggression with some liberal rage.

When her zeal for activism is too much for her democratic friends she storms off and is abandoned alone at night outside of town. Carl finds her moping alone and offers to give her a ride home.

But then he remembers his boy trumps words and grabs her by the pussy. See how she reacts in this quick novella where political ideologies collide in a primal hand to crotch connection.

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