Writing sex scenes is easy; relationships are hard.

I’m having a great time writing about Josh Jennings fucking his teenage college bound neighbor in the ass after coercing her into a deal where she offers her time in payment for some ruined prize winning flowers. The sex scenes are the easy part. Throw some emotion here, put some focus on the body there, explain the bodies shaking in pleasure around there, and viola! An engaging hot sex scene. Today I had Josh push Christina against the wall and ram her ass until her came no matter how uncomfortable it was for her. Later, he lodged himself in her butt, and soaked while she grew accustomed to his dick. 

He made her cum with a grunted command that she get herself off while he was in her rear end. 

It turned me on to write. 

I got caught, and stymied on the next part where I have to write in an emotional breakdown where Christina loses her shit again on Josh’s callous and cool demeanor and how confusing he is between logging every hour and tip spent in his “employ” and how he is starting to treat her like a girlfriend.  Maybe I’ll have him as if she can spend the night. 

She can freak out on him that she “isn’t his girlfriend. That he is only the sick fuck that forced her into being his sex slave and is forcing her to let him fuck up the ass. How she hates it. How she hates him, and how she dreads every day coming to his house. 

There we go. I think I have it. 

The sex scenes are easy for me. The drama, the relationship love and hate is much more difficult and harder to know what people will care about or what will be believable. The writer has to pepper their trail with nuggets so when the events show up later it isn’t that  much of a surprise. 

I only got about 1800 words in today, which is much less than I hoped for, but I had a bunch of other shit come up. Oh well. Not every day is a winner. 

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