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Writing the “Caught!” series

I initially wanted the “Caught!” series to be about young girls getting caught doing something they shouldn’t have and paying their way free from consequence with their virgin assholes. I wanted them getting fucked up the ass by perverted older men because they were taking advantage of the situation.

Draft2Digital is significantly more prudish than Amazon is.

I’ve had two stories outright blocked in the series by D2D. “Don’t Punish My Backdoor!” was blocked from distribution to all channels. I didn’t realize it. I put it up on Amazon directly. /sigh. I was hoping to get free from Amazon and moving to other retailers so I wasn’t beholden to their monopoly over everything. It scares me having all my info laced together on Amazon through KDP, Prime, Kindle, RDS, everything.

Then I submitted “No! Not there!” and it got an angry letter about how I was writing dub/con and questionable content and if I continued I’d be banned. Here are the two covers. One with the initial story which you can get at Smashwords or here, on my website, and the changed one with significant edits to the story to make the cut at D2D.

D2D did not like the short schoolgirl reference, the pigtails, or the cover. They hated the fact that the main character at 20 was portrayed as too young, so I changed the cover, changed all references to pigtails, and removed the uniform skirt and outfit. 

I get where they’re coming from. They don’t want to be promoting things that might get them in trouble with Amazon or with any of their other retailers. They’re not going to ruin their business on a small time poor selling erotic author. I get it. 

It’s frustrating though because the market, the story the cash is in those blurred lines. 

Each book in the “Caught!” series has evolved away from being more “Ah hah! I caught you! now do some sexually depraved act to work your way out, into more, “I caught you!” or “We got caught!” Does it really matter though? It isn’t like these books are selling off the shelves. 

I initially started these books as one-off distractions from my more cumbersome and emotionally tiring stories like “Natural Dominance” or “The Neighbor’s Deal” series. Writing erotic romance is much more difficult than simple 10k word shorts where the sex is simple and the premise thin like the clothes. 

So I’m writing the next book in the series with a decidedly safe subject matter. A new hire at a company hires a college graduate and the recent burnout that is in charge of training acts on his desire to capture her petite little heart. They’ll get caught in public, in the training room, and finally after hours when the cleaning crew comes in and sees Morris stuffing his dick in her tight willing ass.

Get ready! Get Excited!

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