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Writing, writing, and more writing

I’ve been writing for a full year every single day. I haven’t missed a single one! Yes! GO ME! AWESOME! YAY!

The best part of writing every day is the profound amount of work that I’ve created in that time. I’ve used dictation, typing and three different computers to write on.

I’ve found these tools to make me the most prolific:

  • A will to write something every damn day. It can only be one sentence, but I have to keep that chain going. I used the Jerry Seinfeld method. X off a day when you do something and don’t interrupt the chain of X’s.
  • Scrivener. I do all of my writing in Scrivener. I’ve started doing series inside of one project. I’ve found that it is easier to keep track of all the files. So each “Draft” has multiple folders in it for the series. When I publish the bundle I’ll click “include all” and viola! I’ll have a bundle without having to copy and paste or import anything. Scrivener is totally worth it. Syncs to Dropbox, and i feel safe and backed up should I ever need to rescue my work from a bum hard-drive.
  • Draft2Digital. We have a frustrating relationship. They are excellent at forcing you into the narrow confines of acceptable erotica online at retailers. Want to make sure your content will pass muster and not get you banned on Amazon? Publish through D2D. I’m serious. They read your shit hard. I had a story about pigtails and skirts obviously alluding to the schoolgirl fetish even though I overtly stated the age at 20 and no sir. They sent it back and banned it from distribution. I had to change the cover, the content, and remove any reference to young or pigtails. ouch. Their publishing formatting is beyond compare and they distribute everywhere. Apple is becoming a big vendor for my work. Excited about that. Universal book links. MOBI, EPUB, Links to other works, reader list. They’re solid. I am moving to use them exclusively for all of my publishing. Yes, including Amazon.

    I’m worried about their keywords though. I don’t know how to them. Like, should I put “young teen anal sex hard pound big dick girl” in one field? Or should i do, “anal,” “hard,” “pounding,” “tight” “pussy” as each individual? Are they keyword “tags” or a keyword string like Amazon? There is no direction on this and I wish they were more clear about how it worked.

  • Surface Pro. I use it for everything. I LOVE the keyboard. I find that it has the best travel, the best clicky sounds, and the best feeling for my hands. My palms rest easily on it and I can type as comfortably on my lap as I can at a desk. it is excellent. I love love love love it.
  • Canva. I use this for covers. I’m not the biggest fan, but they’re easy, they’re quick, and I don’t feel like an idiot like when I use GIMP or photoshop.
  • Depositphotos. Get the annual SUMO discount $50.00 for 100 pictures every year. Go to for the cost and value. Can’t beat it.

1 full year of publishing. Just hit $300.00 a month. I’m happy about that, but feel like my longer works are ignored. I think that is because the stories suck. I’m considering a transition to romance.  A very steamy romance. Reading the top sellers in erotica and romance I find that it is very easy to do. I think it is something with a full year under my belt of daily writing and about 50 books I’ll have no problem doing. Stick to the plan. Stik to the script. We can do it!


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